Saturday, September 11, 2010


Computer Assisted Language Learning is defined as the use of a computer in the teaching or learning of a second or foreign language. CALL, in fact, brings four major advantages in its train: motivation, authenticity, critical learning skills, and adapting learning to the student.

I have provided you here with some useful and resourceful CALL-related links. I hope you find them of great benefit and help.

APACALL Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning that claims the opportunity to use communication technologies in learning, teaching and research.

The History of CALL A PDF file of an introduction to the development of the Computer-Assisted Language Learning.

Computer Assisted Language Learning An international Journal.


CALL: Its Scope and Limits A speech by Frank Berberich at the Toyohashi JALT chapter meeting.

Authoring in CALL Links to authoring systems for CALL.

CALL for Teachers Computer Assisted Language Learning for Teachers.


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