Thursday, August 19, 2010

Multimedia English

Learning English can be intensive, costly, and time-consuming. With the advent of educational technology-based resources (CD-ROMs, the Internet, Web pages, etc.), millions of language learners are getting interested in flexible and creative learning methodologies.

In multimedia systems several media of communication such as animation, music, text, and image combine in conjunction with computer technology and give the users as ‘interactive players’ the opportunity to control the flow and direction of the text by navigating through it.

The use of language-learning multimedia technologies must be supported because they are necessary for keeping English-learning relevant to the information age. Self-study English-learning multimedia resources, actually, have become more affordable and ubiquitous than before.

Considering all these things, I have put here the links to three web sites that are based on teaching English through different modes of communication. You can resort to such materials with the ease of the mind for both teaching and learning English, surely.

Multimedia English Classroom
Bell English Online
ESL Galaxy


Lucia said...

Whenever I visit your blog, I learn sth new from it. Oh, girl! you are one in a million.


chardivary said...

Hello honey.I agree with you but there is not enough english chanels in cant use sattelie easily and most of english web sites are blocked.its so hard here to be up date.

its kind of you babe.kiss thousands times.

Anonymous said...

again... a copy and paste post !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zahra said...

It is not copy and paste. If it is, so mention the source.

I am the author of the texts published in this blog.

I am fully aware of the meaning of plagiarism. I will not commit plagiarism. That is an immoral sin.

If i use a text from another source, i will mention the source directly.

I recommend u to read books on research and blogging.

I feel sorry for you. Think, search, read, and then leave such a comment.

Majid said...

Dear Zahra:

I am a graduate student in Kashan university who looks for a good topic for his thesis. I was hoping you could help me.

Zahra said...


Well, you must consider your area of interest, first of all.

How do you like CDA, Genre analysis, or even ESP?

Drop here your email address if you wanna talk more on ur thesis.

The uni of Kashan has a very good reputation. Good for you, then. :)

Good luck.

Raheleh said...

Hi Zahra,

Thank u for the useful links. I have to say that I know Zahra in person. Her writing is excellent and she is well informed about language teaching.

Zahra said...

Thanks Raheleh,

You are very, very kind. I wish you joy and success.

mehdi said...

Hi dear
I'm not on speaking terms with you due to you have written new topic but I did not know.

Zahra said...

Well, life is busy here. I rarely find the chance to inform the dear visitors of my blog on my recent update. I'd welcome your comments, always and always.

Fatemeh said...


Your blog is a gold mine of information on English.

Anonymous said...

hi Zahra ,
recently i`v forgotten the words.because of the busy...i have no time to research or visit the websites.have u any practical solution for my problem?

Anonymous said...

sorry i didn`t write my was Raha

Zahra said...

Hi Raha,

It was good to hear from you. I should say... well ... misery loves company. That problem showed its ugly head to me several times.

Do your best to review the words you have learned on and off. Practice constantly, you know.

Try to learn the words in a good context such as a short poem, a paragraph from a long/short story, or even a quote.

When memorizing a new word, stay focused on the the prefixes (example: post=after (postmortem)), roots (cad=to fall (cascade)), and suffixes (ize=make (fanaticize)). This make the process of recalling the word easier.

Visit the following links:

I hope these help.

Best of luck with your English-learning goals.

Zabih said...

Thanks dear friend!

Raha said...

really thanks my dear friend,
i`ll visit the webs...

chardivary said...

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چشم هایم عجیب بارانی ست
عطر جنت تمام شد
آخرین لحظه های مهمانی ست
عید فطر مبارک

Milad said...

Dear Zahra!

I enjoy surfing your blog!

I'm up after a long while!

Take look at mine!

I'd be glad...!

Sincerely yours,


Moslem said...

the endless world of opportunities is waiting for u,my blog is update,i'm waiting for ur visit and ur sweet comments
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younes said...

Hi Zahra;
Thank you for sharing with us these websites .