Monday, October 04, 2010

old shoes in old words

If you are worn out, you are completely tired since you have been working hard.

Choose your pals wisely and carefully. There’s never an old boot, but there’s the shape of a foot in it. Your character will be shaped by the influence of your bosom pals.

That ill-mannered boy is as common as an old shoe. He seems entirely low class and uncouth.

That educational system cannot be changed and improved. Like old boots, past all hope of mending.

My room is cozy and snug. I do like my room very much. Indeed, it is as comfortable as an old shoe.


Raheleh said...

Hi Zahra,

Long time no news?! I hope you are doing well. I like the idioms; the way old shoes are connotated with negative, positive and neutral senses entertained me.

chardivary said...


M.Amin said...

good job!
my blog's up...

chardivary said...

روز دختر مبارک

chardivary said...

Great Calculation: Only 20% boys have brains.
Rest have


M.Amin said...

چون گل به بیابان خراسان آمد

با لطف و کرم شاه غریبان آمد

ای کاش منم خاک خراسان بودم

آن لحظه که چون فصل بهاران آمد

طلوع زيباى شمس الشموس از مشرق كرامت و رأفت مبارك