Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pirate Jargon

AHOY my pals.

I do like watching movies related to sea adventures and pirates, you know. That is why I have decided to post something on pirate jargon. Pirates, naturally, have their own jargon. Let's learn something about their jargon.

Have you ever noticed pirates' hats? Their hats are called tricorn hats. Tri stands for three and corn for corner.

They usually have a treasure map. A map that leads to treasure. If you find a treasure map someday, do not forget to get a proper shovel.

A pirate whose map has an X is a very lucky guy. An X on a treasure map shows where the treasure is hidden.

Their flag with a skull and crossbones is called Jolly Roger. Whenever a pirate does something wrong he has to walk the plank. This means that he is forced to walk on a board that is extended out of the ship and over the sea. What does happen next?

Aye. You are right. He will meet Davy Jones, then. Or he will be in Davy's grip. To be in Davy's grip means to be close to death or frightened.

A pirate may say shiver me timbers in order to express his surprise when, for example, he sees a good target for his mates' plunder from his skyglass (telescope) while standing in the crow's nest. Crow's nest is simply a small platform at the top of the mast. A pirate climbs it up to have a better view of the sail of another ship.

Well, these are only a couple of terms from the dictionary of pirates. Did you enjoy you learning them? Have you ever thought that pirates may have their own dictionary? Waiting to read your comments.

Fair winds! (goodbye!, good luck!)


Translator said...

hummmm it was good I really enjoyed reading it.. one question? does fair winds really mean good bye and good luck???

ZAHRA said...

FAIR WINDS is a pirate slang, surely.
It means good luck/goodbye

Fair Wind to Java is the name of an American sea adventure movie, for example.

Lucia said...

Ahoy Zahra,

Veryyyyyyy interesting and exciting post. I am going to talk like a pirate.

Fair winds!

chardivary1389 said...

oh my God!!! it was surprising.what about their flag??the skull??what does it mean??

ZAHRA said...

wanna learn about the origin of "Jolly Roger"?

mehdi said...

Hi dear
I read all woooooooow . Treasure map!!!!!!!!! What I need? Oh sword and tricorn hats. Ship with Jolly Roger. Sry I have just one question. Do I need dictionary too?
I’m kidding
Take care

Zahra said...

Thanks Mehdi. I do like and need a treasure map too.

Take care :)

M.Amin said...

yo sis Zahra, a long time no see!
Hmm, it seems you were looking for a treasure map...
I've got lots of treasure maps!
my books...
wanna gimme some of yours???

Zahra said...


I could not leave a comment in ur blog. The comment page did not load for me.

You are right. life is going to be veryyy busy indeed. Cannot find enough time reading blogs thoroughly and leaving a reply.

ur recent updates r cool. That seems to be a strange story.

Books r real treasure, surely.

M.Amin said...

yeah,that's because of some improvements on the core system of Blogfa(as I've heard).
possibly you may have heard this wise saying that :"Every human is like a book just try to read it..."
So,whenever I read a blog somehow I feel that I'm reading him/her...
God bless n keep doing how you do(keep up the good work)!

Zahra said...

it seems that the problem in leaving a comment in blogfa still persists.

Thx for ur reply. agree with u 100 percent. A blog can give u some impressions with regard to its owner.

Thanks for being kind. God bless u too


Tohid said...


what a lovely blog!

how useful posts!

I really enjoyes visiting

please keep it up


Zahra said...

Hello Tohid,

Thanks for being kind.

Good luck :)

M.Amin said...

thanks a lot for visiting.
Please change my blog's link address.

M.Amin said...

do you have any suggestions on the new policy gotten in my newly made page?

سامان said...

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سامان said...

when I was adolescent, my favorite novels was those whose subject was about pirates, I loved them and their adventures. Do you remember "treasure island" by "Robert Louis Stevenson"...? Ahhh, that's so nostalgic for me. Treasure island was an adolescent's dream and of course our childness years dream...
treasure island...
treasure map...

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