Thursday, July 08, 2010

Blending/Portmanteau Words

There are several and nearly fixed ways, which give new words a chance to live along with old ones in every language. One of these ways is "blending". In blending, two or more function words blend to form a new word. The new word, thus, is called a portmanteau.

I have chosen this topic intentionally because I want to share some new and somehow odd blending examples with you. If you try to memorize them, you can add some new pieces of information to your wordrobe. What does "wordrobe" mean? It means a person's vocabulary [blend of word and wardrobe].

My next example is "fantabulous" [Blend of fantastic and fabulous]. The idea of creating and developing podcats was fantabulous.

To me, "carjacking" is as dangerous as hijacking. "Carjacking" is a noun describing an incident by which a usually armed individual coerces the driver of an automobile to give up his vehicle or drive it and the assailant to some specified location.

I hate "baggravation". I do not want to feel it my life. Never ever. Baggravation [Blend of bag and aggravation] is a feeling of annoyance and anger one endures at the airport when his/her bags have not arrived at the baggage carousel but everyone else's bags have.

When something is extremely large, it is "ginormous". This word is the blend form of gigantic and enormous.

Remember when you hear an accident occur and later give a report on what you heard; you are an "earwitness" not an eyewitness.

Finally, I like to add that portmanteaux or portmanteaus are the plural forms of portmanteau.


M.Amin said...

WoooOOOOoooW,this post is definitely one of those instructive and (let me think,ummm,yeah) fresh kinda articles released on your blog!
God bless ya...
and keep up the good work

Zahra said...

Thanks a ton. Very nice of you to say that.

mehdi said...

Hi dear
I remember fine speech from "seneca"
We tie knots and bind up words in double meanings and then try to untie them.
however. all words are pegs to hang ideas on.

M.Amin said...

نام احمد نام جمله انبیاست / چون که صد آمد نود هم پیش ماست

از مناره پنج نوبت پر خروش / نام احمد با علی آید به گوش

روز و شب گویم به آوای جلی / اکفیانی یا محمد یا علی

بعثت رسول عشق و مهربانی مبارک . . .

Gladiator Totti said...

Hello my good friend
Happy to meet you again
Do you have a good educational web
And seems you are a professor in the English language.......

Translator said...

Oh another linguistic matter
something that I remember clearly from my studtying period at the university...

Zahra said...

Oh yeah. That is a really neat linguistic issue to discuss and learn new words, in my book.

Gladiator Totti said...

Hello Master
Your opinion:

English language harder is Italian language؟
Because I do not speak English well!!!
I want to know how long can the English language well learned?

Anonymous said...

this post was amazing, i got surprised to read it ,

just keep going


M.Amin said...

new up on verbs often confused.
cheerio (oh no,that's britishhhhh!)
I prefer to say: see ya!

Gladiator Totti said...

Thank you so much
Good tips.
I thought the English language should be more difficult.
But you have to change my view.
Italian is too sweet.
I hope English will also be.
Sorry but I do not speak good English too.
I know very little compared to you
I'm still an amateur

Thanks again

Gladiator Totti said...

Italy language? I know about!
Of course, not the size that you are familiar with the English language
I have to learn the English language
Because the situation requires
So that the force was to learn Italian!
I always have to be looking for a new language!

Gladiator Totti said...

Grazie mille!!!!

I have my best wishes to you
Good luck

mehdi said...

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Ghasem said...

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ZAHRA said...


Thanks for your comment. I am Zahra not Maryam, by the way.

Ghasem said...

oops,you are right.
excuse me,
good luck..