Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Applied Linguistics websites

Here are some websites on Applied Linguistics. You may find valuable information or even articles on these websites. Just click on the links.


Ghasem said...

hi Zahra,
tnx, I added ur link too.
I have the same prob. teaching in institute and preparing for M.A exam take so much time,that leaves me no time to update my blog regularly.
I havent read any special book on finding out the style of a text maybe its because of my major(i.e. literature)that we had to read so many materials with various styles in writing.
By the way, whats ur major in M.A and where are u studing?
if u dont mind e mail me.
good luck.
nice time..

Osveh English said...

hi there
how is it goin?
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Ghasem said...

hi zahra,
tnx for this nice collection.
like always fruitful,
good luck.

Continue said...

Learn knowledge and science from him who teaches it, even if he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

hi my dear. plz see my web & tell me ur suggestion.thanks

Anonymous said...

hi ms zahra
would you please guid me in commercial letter writting.
best regards