Wednesday, July 19, 2006

spelling mnemonics

Hello. I know that all of us as the English language learners sometimes face a bit difficulty remembering the correct spelling of the words we already know. This happens because, as I said before, the written forms of some English words are different from their pronunciations. On the top of it, there are some words in the English language which have the same pronunciation but different spelling.
I have a good advice for you. You should follow it in order to root out your confusion.
My advice is pure and simple; try to create mnemonics. Mnemonics are poems or sentences that people use to help them remember a rule, a name and lots of other things. Let's read these easy examples:

1.Is it "son" or"sun"?
A son is a boy and they both have an "o".

2.Is it "here" or "hear"?

You HEAR with your EAR.

Now, try to invent your own special mnemonics to help you spell correctly. Do not forget to share them with me and the other learners, too. Break a leg.

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