Monday, July 17, 2006


Definotly: Defin-ot-ly. Definitely not, with a passion.
Example: Q. Wanna go to the jazz club tonight?A. Definotly.

face-time: Washington DC expression used to indicate the amount of time a person merits in face-to-face conversation with a person in a position of authority.
Example: As an Assistant-Deputy Undersecretary she's not going to merit more than two minutes face-time a month with the Sec-Def.

linkful: Having or manifesting links. Inspiring the use of links. A web page is linkful if it contains many useful links.

typsual: Typical and usual.
Example: Most reactions to anything are typsual.

dyslex: Verb, back-formation of noun dyslexia. To switch the order of items accidentally.
Example: Sorry I'm late. I dyslexed your address and wrote down 12 West 14th Street instead of 14 West 12th Street.

djou: Did you. Occasionally do you?
Example: Djou already wash the car?

d'you: The cool way of saying do you.
Example: D'you think I'm cool?

death-: Prefix used before food item to imply that the item is spicy to the degree that you are unable to eat it.
Example: My roommate cooked me up a death-omelet and I thought it was a real waste of food.

dinfast: The meal eaten late at night that is a combination of a late dinner and an early breakfast.
Example: That was a delicious dinfast.

thank-yo: A form of thanks when recieving a completely innapropriate present from a younger relative.
Example: Thank-yo for my skateboard, I wonder if it will take the weight of my Zimmer frame?

TTYL: Talk To You Later
Example: Hey, I gotta go.... TTYL. yeah, ttyl

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