Sunday, June 13, 2010

La-la Theory

La-la theory (also called the sing-song theory) is the name of one of the speculative theories about the origins of language. This theory claims that speech originated in song, play, laughter, and other aspects of romantic side of life. It also argues some of our first words were long and musical rather than short grunts some theories suppose we started with.

Have you ever thought or read about the origins of speech? There are some other theories in addition to this theory. But, I like this one very much. It is a very neat and lovely theory, anyway.


M.Amin said...

When both language and love came together and gave a hand to humans to let them declare their unsaid words...
I did some search about it & found this one:
"The La-La Theory is very dear to me and has sort of become a catchall name for my whole existence. :) The name is a reference to theories of the origin of language. Apparently philosophers in the 19th century were interested in figuring out how human language started, and some of their theories were very colorful. A Danish linguist named Otto Jespersen named one of them The La-La Theory: the theory that langauge was borne of the need to express poetry and love. ."
by Katie Haegele
looks like every one loves the LA-LA Theory!
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chardivary1389 said...

Hi, I think the origin of speech is painting!!!
have you ever read or heard about paintings on caves or...?

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Raheleh said...

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