Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pimp your vocab quiz

Take the Pimp Your Vocab quiz to find out how in touch you are with the word on the street.

It is highly amazing that teenagers have their own jargon that is difficult to demystify.

What is your favorite teenglish word? Mine is chilax (chill out + relax).


Ghasem said...

Hi Zahra,
how is every thing?
thanks for the interesting post..
my score wasn't so good :)
nice time..
with the best wishes,

Ghasem said...

I have a very good book from the Italian literature,DIVINE COMEDY..
I'm so interested in horticulture,
and this very interest made me to change my major,..
actually, no, I live in south of Iran in Fars province..
I was in the northern area in Marzan Abad (Chalus) during my training period of my military service,,I agree with you about the fantastic scenery..
By the way,did you try to contact with my
ex-teacher(Dr. Tahriri
Take care..

Abdorreza Tahriri said...


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