Monday, January 11, 2010

Expand your vocabulary

It’s well documented that people with better vocabularies are more intelligent. So, why not give yourself a chance to expand your vocabulary. Here are the links to some fantastic online places that can help you integrate more words into your English: A leading online dictionary, this site gets top spots for not only its word, but the audio pronunciation, quotes, and more.

SAT Tutor’s Blog: Click on “Word of the Day” to get advanced words for SAT test takers. There are also a ton of other vocabulary and language tools.

Word of the Day Website: Get a word of the day with a more personal touch here. There are also quizzes, weekly review, and more.

Today’s WORD on Journalism: A journalist takes words from publications and analyzes them in his posts.

What Does It Mean?: Infoplease gives several definitions on their word of the day. There are also tons of other tools including dictionary, thesaurus, Fact Monster, and more.


سامان said...

thanks for good & useful links...

mjm said...

HI dear
that is very nice note
thanks a lot, i,ll add this on my blog, with your permission.
best regards

hamlet said...

لینک ها به غایت جالب بودند و مفید البته

Zahra said...

Hi Hamlet,

Thanks so much for your kind words.