Friday, December 04, 2009

As easy as ABC

Here are some expressions which I have collected over a few days. All of the are somehow related to the notion of easiness in the English language.Of course, finding these phrases was not a doddle.

---As easy as ABC
---Like a duck to water
---Like a knife through butter
---Be a pushover
---Be child's play
---Anyone can do it
---As easy as pie
---Be a breeze
---Can do something blindfolded
---Be like falling off a log
---Can do something with one's eyes shut
---It's a piece of cake


Milad said...

Hi Zahra,
This post was so clear and fruithful!I've always wanted to learn new idioms and...!
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I'd like to get acquintanced with u!
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Raheleh said...

It is a good idea to learn idioms in this way i write them and share with my studesnts.