Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go Climb A Tree!

Go climb a tree is an expression which means go away and stop annoying me. This expression has several synonyms in English. Read the following expressions:

-- Take a walk!
-- Go jump in the lake!
-- Go fry an egg!
-- Go fly a kite!
-- Take a hike!
-- Go chase yourself!
-- Go to grass and eat hay!

Notice that the last expression is an old one. Thus, all of them have the same meaning and connotation: Go away, leave me alone!


Anonymous said...

how are you?
can you help me for learning english? thanks

hamlet said...

hi, i am coming here every some days but the comment part of your webloge wouldn't be opened for me without any rational reason,
'any way, still visiting of your weblog give me some good feeling,

many thank and keep going

mehdi said...

yeah . . .
i've just learned about it

cheese it!