Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gold Expressions:

Hello. Honestly, I planned to make this post the final post on this blog. But, for a couple of reasons I changed my mind. I hope you enjoy reading this new piece after not reading anything new for nearly a long time on my blog. I am waiting to read your comments.

Today, I want to talk about expressions that have a precious word in them. That word is GOLD. Read and memorize these golden expressions. Do not forget to make your own examples with them and use them in your daily conversations and the notes that you write down in English.

Have a heart of gold: It means to be very kind and helpful.
Jack's mom has a heart of gold. She will do anything for her children.

As good as gold: Authentic; genuine.
Mary's promise is as good as gold.

Dripping with gold: To be wearing a lot of gold.
She came to my friend's party dripping with gold.

Be like gold dust: Valuable and difficult to find.
I could not buy any tickets. The tickets of this football game are like gold dust.

A gold mine of information: Someone or sth full of information.
The newly published dictionary is a gold mine of information.

Black gold: Oil.
It was not gold we were trying to find but black gold or oil.

Worth your/its weight in gold: Extremely useful or valuable.
User-friendly software is worth its weight in gold.

Gold-rimmed: Having a gold edge.
Gold-rimmed glasses.


morteza said...


I don't know what the matter is but all I could say is that you're doing a good job here.

the whole blog is so informative and it's actually a gold mine of information!

keep going man! as energetic as you can.

until next time

hamlet said...

needless to insist on that every one of your notes are feather in your cap.

defenitely it is because of your golden heart in the golden mine, with golden eyes...

Arasp said...

Salam dooste aziz,

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Ba sepas va tashakor,

Arasp Kazemian

morteza said...

برای کشف اقیانوسهای جدید باید شهامت ترک ساحل آرام خود را داشته باشیم. این جهان , جهان تغییر است نه تقدیر


mariano said...

There is a Fleetwood Mac's song called "Gold Dust Woman". Does it mean: a valuable woman?