Saturday, October 14, 2006

For when you are pushing up the daisies

You can tell these sentences to yourself when you are pushing up the daisies. To put it another way, for when you are dead.

Well, at least I tried.

I guess that was it.

Next time better.

I did it my way.

Death is just a part of life... the last part.

It's a new life every day.

Death is a gateway that leads to new life.

You see? I told you I was sick!


f said...

(imagine me extremely angry) !! I “ bent over backwards” to write down what I am doing nowadays while I ran out of account…. “That’s below the belt”……. I don’t feel up to starting from the scratch, you know. Maybe another time…..
Don’t wanna put you out anymore……..take care …just,
May I know what are you catching up on reading??!!

idel said...

well, this is the last term and there's no way to B.A it's for two years that i work & study simultaneously and there's no black and white certainity in my mind whether i should continue my studies or not. i don't feel up to studying these days and i hope to get out of this awkward predicament soon! i feel i must do somethig , you know....but i'm not that serious
God bless us

Loonylol said...

Hey, that last one is funny. Hope I don't get that sick anytime soon. Very good job on the blog too. Talk to you later, take care.