Wednesday, September 20, 2006

on spelling

Hello friends. In one of my previous posts, I talked about spelling mnemonics. These are some new hints, which for sure can help you improve your spelling. Just try to use them. Oh, one other little thing, from now on I will update my blog only once a week. I will visit it a few times during the week, however. Have a nice week.

1. Picture the word in your favorite color.

2. Put the letters on a familiar background like your favorite poster or your desk.

3. If still you have difficulty learning the word, make the unclear letter stand out. You can do it by painting that letter with a different color.

4. If the word is very long, write it with small-sized letters so that you can read the whole word only by one look or glimpse.


April said...

When I was young I learned a little saying that helps to remember how to spell "success"
It goes: "Double the 'C', double the 'S' and there you have success.
I always liked mnemonics, though I can't think of others I have known.

Loonylol said...

That's really neat, I'm gonna try that. Thanks!