Friday, September 08, 2006

Lessons of life

I read this short text somewhere on the net. As a result of finding it meaningful, I 've decided to post it here. Hope you like it.

In an exquisite packaging society, we admire others’ success
and rankle with our deficiency.

No one is perfect.
Everyone has a missing piece.
Someone seems to have loving relationship, earning million but unable to bear a child.
Someone seems to be talented and rich but never get a true love in life.
Someone seems to be a millionaire but do not have a filial posterity.
Someone seems to have a good life, but ……

In the past, I felt sad and hated myself of not being perfect,
but now I accept it.
And because we have a missing piece,
it reminded us to be humble and be sympathize.

If there is no suffering, we grow to be arrogant
If there is no vicissitude, we will not know how to sympathize with others
Since life is not perfect, we should enjoy every moment we have.

Once you are aware that everyone has a missing piece,
you will treasure what you have
you will learn not to compare with others

Therefore, it is important not to admire others
and to appreciate what you have.
You will discover you have more than what you think you have

Accepting your shortcoming, appreciating what you are
will make you a happy person.


Chicago, 312. said...

"Since life is not perfect,we should enjoy every moment we have."

This is true :-) It seems to me that the reality of life not being perfect smacked me in the face all at once during high school and I didn't know how to deal with it. I believe enjoying the benefits of each moment is all you can do. Find the best of those down times and focus on them-- fixing what you can and leting the rest go. Letting go is really difficult.

bahat said...

Judge me not
By what you think, see or hear
For every piece of me, you see and perceive
There are truths behind all the truth.

ifedayo oshin