Friday, August 04, 2006

eye expressions

there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
Something that you say which means that all the people in a particular place were very sad about what they had seen or heard and many of them were crying.

the eye of the storm
the center of a disagreement.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of the eye of the storm (= the middle of a mass of severe weather)

a bird's eye view
a view from a very high place which allows you to see a large area.

a worm's eye view (British & Australian)
if you have a worm's eye view of something, you only know or understand a part of it, usually the worst or least important part.

give someone the evil eye
to look at someone in an angry or unpleasant way.

keep your eye on the ball
to give your attention to what you are doing all the time.

keep your eyes peeled/skinned (informal)
to watch very carefully for something. (often + for)

have eyes in the back of your head (informal)
to know everything that is happening around you.

dollar signs in someone's eyes
if someone has dollar signs in their eyes, they are thinking about the money they could get.

in your mind's eye
in your imagination or memory

cry your eyes out (informal)
to cry a lot and for a long time.

keep your eye in or get your eye in
to become very good at a sport or other activity by practising it.

not bat an eye
to not show any reaction.

turn a blind eye
to choose to ignore behaviour that you know is wrong (often + to)


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