Monday, July 24, 2006

Language Learner And Anxiety

It is not difficult to think of language learners who eventually stop attending their classes only because they have butterflies in their stomachs or think their hearts beat faster than usual. Even in some cases negative stress-producing sentences come to their heads from middle of the nowhere. Sentences like:" I will not survive". "What will happen if my classmates humiliate me?" "I cannot talk and communicate without mistakes". "I am making fool of myself by my bad pronunciation."

Clearly, anxiety will affect learners both physically and psychologically. However, there are ways to reduce stress and anxiety to some levels. If learners prevent anxiety to rear its ugly head, they will meet successful moments on their ways to speak with total fluency and accuracy.

Mentally punishing or molesting oneself just because of mistakes is indeed harmful. Native speakers make mistake too. Language students should never be too sensitive about errors and mistakes. When they are stumped for a phrase or a word, they must relax and do not focus on it at that moment. Instead, it is a perfect strategy to recall the problem later and prevent it from happening for the second time.

It is best to be on the safe side. Uneasiness will freeze learners out when they are not studying in a friendly atmosphere. Some teachers forget to treat their students without fear or favor, as well. Therefore, students must excuse themselves from these nerve-raking situations and teachers. The most helpful recommended help is spending time on picking and choosing the best class and teacher.

Giving a lecture and having a conversation in the target language is easy. Good preparation will hinder stress. Reading and practicing the notes in advance are resourceful in this case. Some might find picturing very advantageous by closing their eyes and thinking there are performing with confidence and accuracy. This method will have great irreplaceable effect on the motor part of the brain even when learners are asleep.

Those who keep self-esteem afloat are not fast learners. Thinking of oneself as a jabbering idiot, low level of self-confidence and underestimating abilities are good friends of anxiety. Trying to avoid them is the simplest prescription.

Relax. Stress and anxiety are not things one can completely get rid of. The strategies already mentioned are foolproof but they do need hard work. Perfect language learners do their very best to include the ugly unwanted face of anxiety out.


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