Sunday, June 25, 2006


Daily Telegraph
Very rich in recent news and information.

The New York Times
There is no need to introduce this one to you. Nytimes is very famous.

Ottawa Citizen
Rather than a page full of teasers to news stories inside, the Ottawa Citizen presents a straightforward index of its content.

Press On-Line
The Press On-Line is the daily Web site of this New Zealand daily paper.

The Independent
The Independent: Lively and popular daily London newspaper. Internet lovers should visit this one.

The Irish Times
Ireland's best-known newspaper is based in Dublin. Readers can get a daily dose of Irish and world news, plus search the archives for old reports.

The National Post Online
The online home of Canada's newest national newspaper, National Post. National, world, business, arts, life, sports news and commentary plus Diversions and forums.

Guardian Unlimited
The Web presence is actually a collection of thematic sites, such as News, Football, and Film. Requires registration for full access.

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